Monday, April 26, 2010


These pictures were taken several years ago when we still lived there.  Any walls can be painted to a neutral color on request before you move in.  Also the downstairs carpet is now a neutral color berber.

We've loved living here and were sad to leave. It's a great house in a great neighborhood. 

The neighborhood has several playgrounds, jogging trails around a private lake, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and of course a pool. It is the home of the Waves of Westlake Swim team.

We've tried to post as many pictures and as much info here as possible. 

The Basics:
6444 Leopard Court
Waldorf, MD 20603

4 Bedroom 2.5 bath about 2100 sq feet

Master Bedroom:
Second Bedroom:
Third Bedroom:
Fourth Bedroom:

$2300/ month rent. (less for multi-year lease)

Family Room (19 feet 11 in x 11 feet 4 in)

This room features a wood burning stove, which will seriously reduce your winter energy bills.

Bathroom #2

It features a tile floor and neutral walls.

Bedroom #3 (11 feet 7 in x 12 feet 3 in)

This bedroom is just slightly smaller than bedroom #2. It also has huge double closets.

Bedroom #2 (11 feet 11 in x 12 ft 11 in)

This room is currently repainted and is just the purple color.  I can repaint to a neutral color if desired.

This is the second largest room in the house. It features double connecting closets. It is currently painted in blues and purples

Not pictured: The 4th bedroom is 9 feet 9 inches by 9 feet 8 inches. 

Screened in porch-12 feet 2 in x 24 feet 8 inches

We love our huge screened in porch. It has both lights and ceiling fans and so we have spent countless hours enoying the back yard bug-free.


This is one of the largest backyards in the neighborhood and our kids have loved it. We have great trees, but the best part is the tree house. We also have a large storage shed.

Master Bedroom 19 feet 8 inches x 14 ft 9 inches

Huge Master bedroom with vaulted ceilings.

Huge double closets that actually extend the entire length of the room. There are shelves, but it's impossible to take a pic.

The size of the master bedroom was a real selling point for us. It's large enough to fit 2 dressers, exercise equipment, a desk, and even guitar stuff w out looking cramped.

Kitchen 13 feet 7 in x 10 feet 7 in

Bay window with great veiw of playhouse

I love my kitchen, because it is bright, modern, and fun and doesn't look like every other kitchen in the neighborhood. It has plenty or drawers, cabinets, and counter space. It features stainless appliances. I love it b/c it is in the center of our home.
(there is  chip on the stove top that doesn't effect the function.  The wood floor is also in rough shape and I will replace it before you move in)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Playroom (Formal Dinning Room) 14 feet x 13 feet 4 in

Crown molding
other wood trim

French doors leading to front porch

Large bay window

I think most people would use this as a formal dinning room. It has great wood details and well as a large bay window that looks into the back yard. It also has french doors that lead out to the front porch.

Living Room 15ft 10 inches x 11 ft 8 inches

This is the room that is directly off our entry way. It features 3 large windows that look out into the front yard. It has gorgeous crown molding. I can paint a neutral color before you move in if desired.

1/2 Bath 4 ft 5 in x 4 ft 2 in

It has neutral colored tile and walls. It also has chair-railing and an updated mirror and light fixture.


Finding good schools for my kids is always my #1 priority when finding a house. In the DC metro it is tricky finding a place that you can afford with good schools and a decent commute.

Our home is within walking distance of William B. Wade Elementary. It is a great school and the only one in the county I'd would send them too. (I would also consider Craik. The have good test scores, but the building doesn't have actual walls, only dividers between the classrooms and I thought it would be too difficult for my kids to concentrate). The teachers have both taught and challenged my kids in a nurturing environment. I have also always felt that my kids were safe and they didn't have to deal with a lot of the nonsense that goes on in other nearby schools. Here's some assesment info:

We are also zoned for Theodore Davis Middle School. This is also the best middle school in the area. My child has thrived and I couldn't be happier. I really like that they each subject is taught to a student's abilities, where most schools only offer various levels for reading and math. They offer more gifted subjects than any other school I've ever heard of. It has the best school cafeteria food anywhere. Testing info:

We are zoned for Westlake High School. I have no personal experience with the school, but I would not feel comfortable sending my children there. Students in the area can apply to attend North Point High School, which is a much better school. If my children were older, that's what I would do.


We have really enjoyed the past 3 years living in Waldorf. First we thought we'd live on base, but the schools were horrific and I don't think homeschooling is for us. We also looked in VA and in Calvert County, but it just seemed like we could get more for our money here. Click here to see some statistics:

It's a decent commute into DC. Due to traffic it's actually a lot quicker commute then down to the Woodbridge area. There are many public transportation possibilities along with car and van pools. Many employers actually even pay for it. My husband worked on Boiling AFB and he can use a van pool for free.

Our home is is a very convenient location. We are with in minutes of a large shopping mall and several strip malls that contain just about any store you can think of. I think every major chain has at least one restaurant here as well. I never have to drive more than a few miles when I need to run errands.

Friday, April 23, 2010

About Us

We try to be as fair and honest as landlords and are looking for fair and honest tenants that we truly hope will be as happy living in our home as we were.  

This is not an investment property for us. We are a military family, who bought our home at the peak of the housing market (2007)and are unable to sell it when we moved in 2010.  We plan on renting it for at least the next 10 years when we should finally owe less on our loan that what it is worth. 

We live out of state but do our best to make sure that any needed repairs are done promptly. 

Rent also includes all yard maintenance.

Feel free to ask us any questions:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Want to live here?

To apply:
1.  Please send an e-mail to to let us know you're interested. There are currently tenants living there, but they are willing to show it for us by appointment only.  We will require a copy of your driver's license for our security.

2.  Complete the application (Here) and email it to 

3. We will send you an e-mail inviting you to do a credit and criminal background through smart move . It will cost you around $20. You can also do a background check on us if you'd like for your own piece of mind.

4. Complete the lease (Here):

5.  Send us a check for $4600 (first month's rent + deposit) 
We require a deposit to protect our house. The deposit will be kept  in an interest bearing account. Nothing would make us happier than than returning the entire deposit when it is time for you to move.  FYI we will use the following checklist when tenants move out.

6.Pet's-Allowing pet's makes us very nervous. We love animals, we just don't know anything about yours and prefer not to take any risks. If you have a good credit, stable work history and plan on living in our house for a while, we may consider pets based on age, size, and breed.  We will also require additional pet deposit $1000-$2000.  If when it is time for you to move out and no one could tell that pet's lived there, we will fully refund your deposit. We haven't made one of our own up yet, but I think this one is a reasonable pet policy.

Preference will be given to applicants that are interested in multi-year leases.

As long as you are not a dangerous criminal and your credit score checks out and we receive your deposit and signed lease, we will stop accepting other applications.